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Floorball experience Bonn

As part of the SSF Bonn the biggest sports club in the city of Bonn the SSF Dragons Bonn have been florishing over the last 10 years. With great successes in junior floorball (4 German championships within the last 5 years) we achieved in year 2019 to place both senior teams (men and women) in the 1. Floorball Bundesliga. More info about the Floorball Bundesliga you can explore under

Founded in 2006 with today about 250 active members we`ve established the Dragons Bonn as an attractive address to play high competitive Floorball in the western part of Germany under constantly focusing to thrive for the playoffs.

Here an impression of Bonner Floorball:

Therefore an important part of our club culture is the ambition to improve constantly and be open minded for changes that can bring us the next step forward within our training structure our playing style our tactics or our way to succeed. Following this route we`ve made very positive experinence also with players and coaches from abroad.

E.g. in season 2018/19  Jan Kolísko (the actual captain) of Tatran Střešovice joined our team. Next to his great skills as a left forward he also shared his floorball know-how to our juniors and managed to bring the Floorball Open Camps to Bonn, Germany.

As an impression of his time here in Bonn Kolis talks about his Floorball experience with the Dragons:

If you are also interested in joining us temporarly or for a longer period of time please just get in touch via

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